Installing Harpenden Flooring: Considerations and Tips

When it comes to installing Harpenden flooring there are special considerations such as existing floor covering & natural light levels that need to be taken into account.

Installing Harpenden Flooring: Considerations and Tips

When it comes to installing Harpenden flooring, there are a few special considerations to keep in mind. Initially, you need to take into account any existing floor covering, natural light levels, existing furniture, and accessories. It's also important to consider the type of flooring you're installing, as well as the ventilation of the floor joists. In the past, hardwood floors were often exposed and black tar was painted around the perimeter of the room.

This was usually accompanied by a rug in the center of the room for warmth and modernity. However, with the advent of better manufacturing techniques, it soon became possible to manufacture products that could be mounted from wall to wall, such as fitted carpets. Carpets provide good thermal insulation and a comfortable surface. They also make a room feel warmer, which is why they became so popular.

But with the advent of modern efficient heating systems and double glazing, carpets are no longer necessary for keeping a house at a comfortable temperature. This has led to an increased interest in sanding existing floors, hard floor coverings, or new hardwood floors. Sanded wood floors provide a practical and even surface, require little maintenance, and are easy to keep clean. In Welwyn Garden City, many buildings were built during the parquet era.

As specialists in parquet, we recently completed a project in Knightsfield where the parquet floor had been covered with carpet for several years. We had to carefully lift the grab bars on the carpet and replace an unsightly concrete area that had been left after one of the chimneys was removed. We found an apartment that combined very well with the mahogany floor and filled the area with parquet. After allowing the glue to sit overnight, we started sanding the next day. After removing all residues from the previous finish, it became clear that the floor had a beautiful grain that was previously unnoticed.

We filled any large gaps and then applied a Bona Mega finish that requires no maintenance. This highlighted the natural veins of the wood and brightened up the room considerably. With proper maintenance procedures and subsequent floor care, this parquet will last for many years. We recently completed a paving project at Harpenden Roundwood Park School on recommendation from Nowerhill School in Harrow. The project consisted of 250 m2 of herringbone teak flooring that needed urgent restoration. After completing safety assessments and cleaning the area, we started sanding with a coarse-grained grain to eliminate any accumulation of previous finishes.

We used increasingly fine sanding grains and finished sanding with an 80 grit on a Trio rotating finishing machine. We then applied a layer of Junckers Prelak to promote adhesion of subsequent layers and prevent lateral sticking. In addition to this, we applied three coats of Junckers Hp Commercial - a two-part water-based polyurethane lacquer designed to withstand intensive use - and restored the apartment to its previous state. We have also recently completed additional work for our contact at school. The house had an unconventional design with living room and kitchen on upper floor and bedroom and large converted garage on ground floor. The chosen floor was supplied by Bausen and was a rustic oak floor 125 mm wide and 18 mm thick. This product is supplied pre-finished but it's recommended to apply a finish after one year if it appears worn out.

This type of floor is installed as a floating floor by gluing machined joints. After supplying and placing Torus baseboards with corresponding sills, we placed a coconut fiber rug at entrance to protect floor. A recent installation in West Hampstead consisted of 115 m2 of Kahrs oak flooring in property being renovated to high standard. Floors had to be insulated by installing cellotex insulation between beams which also reduces noise spreading through building. We leveled floorboards with belt sander to ensure level surface on which to fit 4mm Cush 'n' wood base layer from Kahrs. The areas specified included living room, dining room, study so apartment should run smoothly from one area to another.

Overall effect was very pleasant so we were asked to do more installations for main contractor. If you reside in North London or Watford area we would be happy to discuss your paving requirements.

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